Look 40: Famous……NOT!

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Look 40


Top from 2hand. Fedora courtesy of Mr. RYH. Purple suede pumps.

This is a killer top, but it doesn’t fit me that well. The curses of being too skinny struck me for the nth time. Had this one for so long and I’ve been trying so hard on what to pair it with. Leggings? Shorts? Pants? No bottom wear to match. This pumps I thrifted for just Php100.  😈 I soooo miss my Thrifting Mondays. Might go on a thrifting spree tomorrow with a friend and see what I can buy.

Weeee… On another note, I’m happy to see the the digits changing every single day. However, I’m slowly losing the motivation to continue. Finding clothes, the time to shoot the outfits, basically the lack of stuff that I want to show out can be so stressful. I’ve been searching all throughout my clothing dump to see what I’ll be able to mix and match. Some outfits just don’t match the setting. Remember how I always dream about the afternoon sun? Flowy dresses, sun glare photos, and natural light amazes me. Hope I’ll be able to catch up more exciting outfits and photos soon.