Look 43: Purp Crush

In Lifestyle by Wicked Ying

Look 43

Purp Crush

Sheer purple/blue top, thrifted. White mini shorts, bought in Cebu. Purple suede pumps, thrifted.

Really sorry if you can’t find anything other than the word “thrifted” in my outfits. Not really into expensive and pricey stuff. I’d rather have myself some 5 or 6 thrifted items than buy 1 piece of item from a boutique.

Random thoughts, don’t you just love my watermark? I know you do!  😉

I feel so fugly in these photos… Had such a tough time editing the photos in this setting; bright lights overhead plus the dim bottom part is just too hard to mix with all the existing presets in Lightroom. However, I like what I did with this one. It’s just so purple, I’m like a purple angel from hell.  😈