Look 45: Monochrome Palette

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Look 45

Monochrome Palette

Striped crop top, thrifted. Black jeggings, thrifted. Fedora hat courtesy of Mr. RYH.

I absolutely love this look. Aside from the fact that it doesn’t have any colors, I adore the drama it emanates. The high waisted leggings, the crop top, the hat, the fuschia-ish lip, the photo effect made it all come to life.

Lookbook, on a personal outlook has become an online portal for me to meet new friends. I’m surprised as to how easy we all got along. There’s one I call my twin Kellie, my sissy Hnin, my uber elegant friend Eugenie, my girl crush Iris, the list goes on. I might feature some of them in my blog someday.  😉

Got nothing much to say today. I am part pissed, part bummed as to how things turned out. Plus, I get frustrated everytime I take a peek at my Google Analytics. Nonetheless, I’d still continue to do what I do. There’s nothing to lose yet there’s something to gain.  😈