Look 51: Too Formal To Consider Casual

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Look 51

Too Formal To Consider Casual

Pink sleeveless tank top, from my old closet. Blazer, bought in Greenhills Manila. Bandage skirt, from Janine. Black patent peeptoe stilettos, SM Parisian.

This look is quite odd for me for I do not go to work looking like this nor see me wearing this look out. It’s a product if mix and match brought about by lack of clothing. In pursuing my 365, I’ve come to my senses not to buy new stuff every time I post a new look. On another note, I still haven’t had the time to take a picture of my new wedges. I have made a draft of what I would publish, the only thing that’s missing is photo of each pair. I do not want to grab from other sites either, I want it to be mine so I can put watermark on it just in case somebody tries to grab a few shots.  😈

Last night was great, Charcoal Monkey and I were able to do some long exposure and bokeh shots at the local carnival of some sort. What pissed me off were the people around us and the way they gawk. At the back of my mind I was like “Wtf please stop killing me with those stares!” 👿 I might upload some once post processing is done.

Does anyone know any cool shopping sites that offer free shipping and sell uber cute shoes? Now that I have my gadget I guess I can splurge a bit on buying more shoesies… 😉