Look 52: Psychedelic Hues

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Look 52

Psychedelic Hues

Colorful blouse (take note of the shoulder pads..lol!), bought from a garage sale. Tutu skirt with lace details, thrifted. Purple suede pumps, thrifted.

The good vibes of a normal routine day, feeling a bit lucky that it hadn’t rained. Static, as always…and loving it!

Random thoughts:

1. I’m still wishing of a fine ole sunny afternoon.

2. Can’t get over shoes, shoes, shoes.

3. I want to write something that is worth reading, something that would stir up an opinion or maybe an emotion.

4. I am always in need of time for sleep gets the most of it.

5. I am not making any sense and I’m wondering why you’re still reading this  :mrgreen: