Look 54: Think Pink

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Look 54

Think Pink


Loose oversized pink shirt, from Janine. Black bandage skirt, from Janine. Pink lace up platforms, thrifted.

Out of a mere coincidence, I am wearing the same pink shirt today. Posting the same clothes, mixing and matching, I wish I could bring all of my stuff with me during shoots so I won’t have to bother about a single thing.

I am writing this post on a Sunday afternoon. The weather was nice and a perfect setting of what seemed to be a fine day. Ate pizza, gulped cola, read back issue magazines and bought myself some comfy office chair so that my back pain complaints would at the very least, lessen. Spent most of the time behind the monitor chatting with fellow fashion bloggers like the famous Ms. Anna Wiklund herself. It is such an honor to join her Link Exchange page. 😉

Despite the ardor, I am still a slave of my own feelings of melancholy. In constant contemplation of thoughtless thoughts, reassessing emotions and reinstating my intrapersonal aspect. Yes, at times I am like this. 🙁