Look 55: Cheap Monday

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Look 55

Cheap Monday

Batwing blue top, thrifted. Denim shorts, 2hand. Yellow pumps, thrifted.

Nothing special about the title, picked it at random. I was thinking of the brand Anna Wiklund mentioned that are based in Sweden. So there you go.

Wrote this draft of post at 1:30 AM. Quite late for some, yet still a bit early for me. Catching up with my own blog and social media accounts while trying to work at the same time. Sleep isn’t an option. For some it is a necessity, but for me it has become a luxury. Sunday night til the dawn is my “me time”.

Time check, 2:12 AM. Finished post processing the photos. Not a big fan of what it turned out but I am happy with the result. Or maybe I am just pretending to be, I do not know.

If you are wondering why it is called batwing, here’s why.

As i was about to post this look, I noticed my previous one was flagged again. This look, Look 54: Think Pink. I wonder what is wrong with this mods or these people why they keep flagging and do not even reassess if it did break a rule or not. I sent a complaint about it though, I hope they would reconsider. I got those hypes from my fans, it would be a waste for it to be deleted just like that. These people are friggin’ mean! They would ruin my 365 day challenge and I am pissed! 👿