Look 57: Let’s All Be Fringe

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Look 57

Let’s All Be Fringe

First of all, ain’t the title funny? I’m all giggles! :mrgreen:

Brown ribbed tank top, No Boundaries. Distressed denim shorts, bought online. My ever favorite wooden wedges, Chelsea. Fringe bag, 2hand.

This is what I really wore yesterday. Yup, I go to work like this. Who cares about dress codes, my work’s online anyway. 😈

You must be thinking I am partly vampire for the tens of photos I’ve done indoors, but no. I love outdoor shoots as much as you all do. Problem is, weather isn’t a friend who understands my undying need for sunshine. Just as I’m giddy, the rain started to pour in the midst of this shoot. Hated it. This look was supposedly a test shoot before I get all dressed up and hit the shutters to work. Sadly, these are the only shots we came up with. Disappointment and frustration followed.  😥

So this is how it looks like without me tinkering much with post processing. By all means, I have to put some effects to it just for the sake of “drama”!