Look 59: Light Room

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Look 59

Light Room

White lace tank top, bought from a local department store. Maxi skirt with animal print details, my old closet dump.

I forgot to wear a hippie headband on this look, but it looks fine as it is so there you go.

I wish I knew how to flaunt this skirt out, it is undeniably comfy and flowy. The length drops just right at the level of my ankles.

I am having a hard time editing photos today that’s why I called this look as Light Room. I’ve learned that editing overexposed photos is much more difficult than the underexposed ones. Whew! But at least the laborious task of post processing is done.

I always adore shots produced by a 50mm lens. I feel comfortable using them for my own take on photography though I don’t think I’m artsy enough to make a photo come to life.

Til next post!