Look 60: Bad or Rad?

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Look 60

Bad or Rad?

Sleeveless top, a gift from cousin. Ripped pants, bought online. D&G inspired slingback wedges, Miss Jen. Motorcycle bag, thrifted last Monday. Wayfarers, Ray Ban.

So is the look bad or rad? This was what I practically wore the last day. Everything except for the wedges. They’re really high and I had several instances wherein I was afraid I would trip. I have no idea who’s to blame, the wedges or the f*cked up roads in our city. 😈

I was supposed to use the photo above but I want to show off the “ripped” jeans. Haha!

So just to give you an idea how bad the weather AND the not so cemented road, take a peek at the pic below. You could definitely see the puddles of water pretty much stagnating in the mashed out road.

Random thought, the photo below is a little bit OOF. Thought you’d notice. 😈

This was the Oh-no-I-swear-I’m-gonna-trip instances. I was seriously terrified standing in this inclined driveway. Love the “bokeh” effect though. Way to 50mm lens! 😉