Look 61: Geek and Romantic

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Look 61

Geek and Romantic

Pink dress with bow details, bought online. D & G inspired wedges, Miss Jen. Readers, Ray Ban.

I am totally digging this look. The title is what it exactly exudes, geeky yet with a touch of romantic girly feel to it. 😉

However, for a little fun fact, this dress is a bit biggie for me. I have to put some pins on my back for it not to fall down considering this one’s a tube top dress. I am thinking of selling this one though, on eBay or to some of my acquaintances. I bought it at a kinda expensive price. This will fit small to medium framed bods. I’m XS, sad right? So if you’re interested drop me a mail or tweet me or send me a personal message on Facebook, I’m everywhere AND online most of the time.

So this my default look, that blank almost emotionless stare in a cooler photo temp. I’m learning a lot editing photos every single day!  😈

I like this one better. Sharp and warm temp, I’m looking at the flash mounted at my left side. That explains the reflection on my glasses. 😯

For tomorrow’s look, I’ll be showing off my floral wedges. Yey!

I’m out, thanks for reading! 😈