Look 63: RED

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Look 63


Striped cropped top, Closetfreak. Distressed denims, bought in Cebu. Red strappy heels, Miss Jen.

I love dressing up in some casual everyday look. This is what I typically wear on a daily basis. I have lots of denim shorts and I could wear them forever. Sorry for the pouty and not so friendly face. The weather’s too humid that time on a hot sunny afternoon. I can’t help but squint my eyes with the sun’s glare.

So these are the red heels that I was talking about since Last Sunday. You may take a closer look at them at my post here.

I miss this weather! It’s been raining like hell since yesterday. 👿 Good thing I still managed to do a little bit of thrifting. Bought 3 bags and a couple of tank tops, not to mention some stirrup liquid leggings and an animal sheer cropped top. Stayed out late at night too hanging out with close friends. It felt good talking to real people and talk about life in general.

I’ll be selling some of my pre loved clothing at Chikasfashionista. You might want to check it out. They sell some other cool stuff too, the seller’s a personal friend of mine. 😉

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Toodles! 😈