Look 64: Funfare

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Look 64


Assymetrical blouse, bought in Greenhills Manila. Bandage skirt, from Janine. Studded gladiators, bought somewhere I can’t remember where.

I really don’t feel like posting a look today. But, sticking to the challenge I had to. My previous look got flagged…again! Yes, I know. You’re prolly thinking “What? Not again!” I bet it’s because of the damned logo. So, I didn’t bother put one on this look. Friggin’ sad. I love putting watermarks on my looks. It’s like my trademark or something. Had to stick to the rules though, nothing “distracting”!

I ran out of stock photos so I hurried and and flipped on the camera to check out the photos during our night strobing a few weeks ago. Good thing I found a few, not so good yet presentable in a way. Wish the weather will be as nice as it was before so I can have an array of daylight photos for my 365. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed on that. 😉

The photo above’s my fave. And I think it’s pretty obvious why. 😈

A new baby arrived today. I’ll blog about them soon enough “Real versus Steal”. It made my day. They’re soooo pretty! I feel like Jane Aldridge already owning a pair of them. And yes, it’s about shoes! :mrgreen:

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Stay chic and fab.. Wicked Ying’s out!