Look 67: It Mustard Been

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Look 67

It Mustard Been

(It Must Have Been)

Mustard empire cut top, bought from a garage sale. Black tights. D&G inspired black wedges, Miss Jen.

Time check: 4PM. Writing earlier. My train of thought come running fast today. I just had a cup of coffee and it makes me so giddy now.

Random thoughts in progress……….

Day started out kinda rough, heavy downpour of rain as always. 😥 I think there’s some vague connection existing between the weather and a person’s mood. Purely psychological or physical perhaps, THAT I do not know. I feel so hype when it’s sunny yet so melancholic on a rainy day. Creepy!

Switched to serious mode on my work. I feel like I should do better, I don’t want to be static. Need myself some more job. 😈

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Time check, 6PM. So I guess now’s the time to edit some photos for today’s look. I’ll be running out of stock photos soon enough I might have to rummage and help myself dig through some photo dump. Happens all the time! 😈

Time check, 7PM. Look posted. Am I confusing you with all this timeline? 🙄

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