Look 68: Checks x Red

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Look 68

Checks x Red

White lace tank top, local department store. Checkered skirt, Pinkaholic. Red suede shoes, Miss Jen.

Aren’t the shoes uber red? They draw attention that much I guess. But it is a reliable pair of kicks to spice up any dull outfit so they really come in handy. 😈

Today, I was up early (surprisingly). I had lunch with my bff before he heads out some place else. And oh the weather was a bit bipolar. Lunch, it was sun shiny but at around 2PM it rained like hell accompanied by heavy wind gust blowing on all directions. I managed to reach my place before everything turned out on what appeared to be a thunderstorm. Can you even believe it? We’re supposed to be a tropical country! Hello, I’m expecting a sunny weather here!

I’ve read Preview’s latest June ish. Interesting read. Lots of pieces to drool over, style inspirations, and must haves too! I must say, the new SM Parisian collection of shoes is REAL chic! I wish we have SM mall here! 😥

Piece of advice ladies, it’s always better to read, read and read. Knowledge and information are so vital that you wouldn’t want your brain to be left out empty. I’m not telling you to go read thick novels and all, you can browse current events or just about anything that suits your interests. It pays to read. Seriously.

Enjoy your day everyone. Stay chic and fab!

(it’s going to be long night, let’s tweet!)  😈

Wicked Ying signing off…..