Look 70: Threadbare

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Look 70


Lace see through top, thrifted. Bandage skirt, Janine. Patent peeptoe heels, SM Parisian. Readers, Ray Ban.

Decided to go a bit experimental for my 70th look. I’m not usually the one who can dare such bare looks but hey, why not give it a try. I’ve had that top for so damn long yet I can’t figure out ways on how to wear it. I would’ve worn this look with a blazer but I can not flaunt the top if I did. An all black outfit isn’t so bad after all.

On another note, yesterday was a day well spent. Remember when I was confused whether to go to a salon, boutique or dental clinic? Well, I visited them all! 😈 Crazy I know! Went to Pinkaholic and bought some tops that I’ve been dying to have, then to my dentist, then mani pedi. I have shiny silvery nails. Yey! I opted for this shade because it suits best for those with short nails. Also, I had neon blue the last time so I veered away from the colored ones. 😉

I get asked by readers often times on what camera do I use for my looks. I am using a Canon 50D and Krappy (Canon 500D). Lenses used vary with each set. See that thing above? It’s called a softbox. It gives an even spread of light. Using it is better compared to mounting the remote flash alone.

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Stay chic and fab! Wicked Ying’s out! 😈