Look 71: Chiffon and Crochet

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Look 71

Chiffon and Crochet

Pink tiered chiffon blouse with crochet details, bought online. Black shorts, bought from a shop in the outskirts of Cebu. Face wedges, HeelAndSole.

Here goes the angry stare again!

I am so happy I got a high number of hypes from my previous look Threadbare. It almost reached 300. Weeee! Never imagined it would gain such hypes, not to mention it got included in “hot” looks on the main page of Lookbook. I got so many new fans too! So, yey! 😈

By the way my Facebook‘s a bit messed up. I’ve been having trouble classifying friends on my lists so some of you might be having trouble seeing my wall. On the process of tweaking with the account/privacy settings and all, sorry. But thanks for the new adds! :mrgreen:

Remember the June ish Preview Magazine that I just read? Along with it comes the SM Parisian lookbook on their latest shoe collection. I want the leopard print pumps! Here’s a sneak peek. I’ve tried so hard to make it look rather artsy! 😈

My animal print scarf peeking on the upper right portion of the 3rd photo. Cute!

Another photo heavy post. I hope you don’t mind me stacking a handful of photos everytime. I just think its fun that way. 😉

Toodles wicked people! 😈