Look 73: Hassle Tassel

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Look 73

Hassle Tassel

Dress with tassel details, thrifted. Black tights. Black mary jane wedges, thrifted. Gray motorcycle bag, from Dimmy’s.

So why hassle tassel? It’s because the tassels on the dress can get tangled up with everything. And I mean everything! Once got caught with my ring while doing my make up, then with the bag and even got caught with my tights! It could be quite annoying especially when you’re rushing here and there to get the shoot done. Shot this last night alongside my other future looks. Weirdo! 😕

If you’re wondering if quitting my 365 looks challenge has ever crossed my mind, then my answer’s a big YES! A gazillion times! There’s just heaps of shortcomings crossing your way, may it be because of the weather, the camera or time. So yes! However, quitting seems to be a boring option. 😈

Wicked Ying signing off!