Look 74: Brocade and Birthday

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Look 74

Brocade and Birthday

Brocade dress, thrifted from Chikasfashionista. Black suede wedges, Miss Jen.

Nothing beats a good ole brocade style dress with splattered paint print. Best thing about this is that it has pockets, how thoughtful! Haha! I hate dresses and skirts because most of them don’t have pockets. I never wear such clothes on a day to day basis. They just aren’t convenient for me. 😕

Random thoughts creeping. Wondering what’s everyone up to… Contemplating… Thinking…  🙄

I hated the way wide angled lenses make me look. Nevertheless, I still used it with all the effects and angles possible.

Happy Father’s Day AND Happy Birthday to my Pop who’s turning 50 something today!

Thanks for reading!