Look 75: Red and Laidback

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Look 75

Red And Laidback

Black oversized shirt, H&M. Skimpy denim shorts, thrifted. Red suede chunky heels, Miss Jen.

Didn’t noticed I am wearing this same shirt today. Oopsie! 😳 Lazy Sunday today but the weather is perfect!! 😈

I was almost pissed and close to pulling my hair out because of my crappy lappy. I do not know what seems to be the problem. Could it be my browser? Google Chrome? iPage? Lightroom? Photoshop? It’s endless! While editing these stuff, the screen just went blank. Whew! All the hassle possible! Another one, while writing this post it would go blank and I have to refresh the page, find the draft and continue writing.

After restarting the wickedmachine, it appears to be okay now. Weee…! :mrgreen:

And oh before I forget, you might want to read my other post, it’s about some lovely pairs of shoes!

Guardiani Heels: Lipstick for your Feet!

Long night tonight, let’s tweet! (Follow me @wickedying)



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