Look 76: Lazy Mondays, Lazy Post

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Look 76

Lazy Mondays, Lazy Post

Purple floral dress, from Chikasfashionista. D&G inspired face wedges, HeelAndSole.

Obligatory posting. That’s what it has been for me lately. I look so groggy in the above photo! 👿 The 11PM shoot explains my not so fresh expression!

I’m writing this draft 1AM. It is officially Monday now. I’m itching for another thrifting adventure with my buddies in crime but I have to hold on to my horses. I have to constantly remind myself that for once, I must try to stop splurging on stuff and start saving (though I know it is just a make believe). :mrgreen:

Time check, 3:30AM. I might sleep in a while. Still utilizing the effects of 1AM caffeine rush I had. Work is done, and it’s my very own me-time (without having to think about my tasks that has to do with job).

Thanks for reading my blog!

Leaving you all now with an image of a Little Monster. Amber’s babies are so cute!