Look 77: Easy Breezy

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Look 77

Easy Breezy

Sky blue cropped top, from Janine. Acid wash shorts, thrifted from Dimmy’s. Beige booties, Parisian.

This is what I feel like wearing on a hot summer day. These shorts are super comfy, they don’t feel like denim at all! We were able to sneak some outdoor shoots again.. Whew! Good thing there’s been a change of weather. What do you think of my kicks? I am absolutely loving my new booties! 😉

After the dental work up, I went on a thrifting spree with Dimmy. Bought two new motorcycle bags (I’m suddenly so into them lately), black and cream. I managed to find an authentic Mulberry bag too! I am really ecstatic about it. Bought it for only Php250 wherein the ones in Net-a-Porter costs almost £700! You do the math.. 😈

Here’s what my thrifted Mulberry Bayswater leather bag looks like:

I knew right then that it was real coz the inside looked exactly like this!

Yey! :mrgreen:

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Have a great day wicked people!  😈