Look 82: A-Knit-Versary

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Look 82


Knit top, bought from Dimmy’s. Denim shorts. Floral wedges, Miss Jen.

Anyone feeling the knitty trend going on for quite some time? I’ve been seeing this fabric quite often in Lookbook. And I don’t mind it, in fact I love the comfy feeling it exudes. I just wish people here are more acceptable when it comes to wearing see through clothing. Trust me it is the most awkward feeling when you get to see people’s heads going 360 (almost exorcist-ish) gawking at you. 👿

I forgot to share about the 2 new pairs of shoes I got, will blog about it soon when my lazy temperament changes.

Do I look tall enough? I’ve been asked about my height a gazillion times. I stand five feet tall. Now you know I’m vertically challenged! 😈

Stay chic and fab!

Thanks for reading!