Look 85: Madonna

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Look 85


Madonna print white cropped top, thrifted from Chikasfashionista. Distressed denim shorts, bought in Cebu. Red chunky heels, Miss Jen.

Holla everyone! Yes, this is ME on a day to day basis. Nothing more than denim shorts (which I prolly own a lot more than I could wear), shirts, and maybe in heels once in a while. Not really into something fancy and girly, but really, it depends on my mood. How do you dress up in the morning? What are your last minute touch ups before heading out to whichever place you’re heading? As for me, I usually rely on my phone’s playlist and let the songs pick my mood into something I feel like wearing. 😈

Managed to stitch these outtakes together just because.

Drum roll please…..


Haha! Did a quick ransack in my closet and took this photo for photo’s sake! But mind you, these aren’t all. 😈

Something pretty and something red. Once I tore open the package, I couldn’t wait to get my hands (or feet I suppose) into this new pair. A new red-and-bow satin baby was born, I’m such a proud mom! This is just a sneak peek, got blue suede ones too! Pranced around the living room in stilettos even though it was past midnight. Who cares! I was the only person awake anyway. :mrgreen:

Stay chic and fab!

Wicked Ying’s outta here…