Look 86: Nuisance

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Look 86


Beige cropped top, thrifted from Chikasfashionista. Studded skort, from Dimmy’s. D&G inspired slingback wedges (yes, these aren’t the JC Mariel wedges), Miss Jen. You may check out their differences by clicking here.

I feel like crap today! 👿 My day started out on a bad note. First, it’s been raining nonstop. Second, I was on time for my 2PM dental appointment but then, the dentist catered me at around 3PM already which means I wasted an hour inside that office doing practically nothing. Third, I’m cramming with regards to my work hours (happens all the time). Fourth, it’s raining. And fifth, did I mention that it’s raining? 😈

I know I shouldn’t be including you in all this Im-having-a-bad-day frenzy but I just can’t help it. So, out of sheer boredom, I grabbed the cam and let the shutter do its work by snapping some of the stuff around.

Staring at this monitor for hours already..facebook-ing!

Wearing this trusty liquid leggings today. I only get to wear them on rainy days, a lame excuse for me not to wear shorts. 😉

So these are prolly the prettiest mess I’ve accumulated over the years,er…months?!

It’s a cold night….have a good one wicked people!