Look 87: AC DC

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Look 87


AC DC blouse, thrifted. Ripped leggings, thrifted. D&G inspired slingback wedges, Miss Jen.

Ain’t red polished nails cute or what? 😈

Spent hefty amount of time reading fashion blogs today while at work with BeautyWired. And that’s precisely what I love about my work. I get to browse and browse the internet (fashion/beauty blogs for that matter) for some cool stuff without getting scolded by my boss. We’re actually looking for fashion and beauty bloggers to register to the site. I do hope you’d join though! 😉

So here’s a REAL outtake. Haha! Almost candid. And yes, no matter how skinny you think I am, just like you I also have baby (beer belly?) fats…bummer! 👿

I’ve been thinking of reselling this studded denim heels.

What do you think?

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