Look 89: Feeling Gray and Blue

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Look 89

Feeling Gray and Blue

Gray oversized tank top, Forever 21. Distressed denims, thrifted from Dimmy’s. Blue platform wedges, Miss Jen. Brown Mulberry Bayswater leather bag, thrifted.

Being one that is afraid of colors, I’m terrified with regards to the comments about this look. I’ve always been hesitant about how mixing two or more colors together would turn out. So, I’ve relied on to neutrals, blacks, grays and whites as my primary choices. Colors and I aren’t really the best of friends.

A sudden change of heart, I’m collecting now shoes that are of various colors. These blue ones are simply the best of the bunch. I promise to write about them but as for now, enjoy the new ones that I’ve published a couple of hours ago..

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It’s going to be another long night for me..

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