Look 90: Blue Crush

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Look 90

Blue Crush

Blue crochet top worn as dress, Pinkaholic. Blue suede pumps, SM Parisian bought at Charmz.

Before I begin, forgive the awkward toe-pointing pose on the second photo. :mrgreen:

This top is doing me all the favors. Cinched under bust, right length with the cutest crochet details on the shoulder and back part. Blue has been quite a friend lately. As you would notice, Charcoal Monkey used a blue gel for the external flash on my right side. Clever!

I’m out early today (every Mondays actually). Meeting out with a good friend of mine to catch a movie or maybe eat out just like we used to way back when we had our review in Cebu. I hope the weather would be nice though.

Gotta go home and see my baby puppies, Kiki and Niko. Toodles wicked people!

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