Look 91: Oldies and Booties

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Look 91

Oldies and Booties

Cropped top, thrifted. Old Levi’s denim cutoffs, Closet Inventory. Dipper booties, Love Jen.

I do not know where to begin. These denim shorts from Closet Inventory are the best high waisted denim shorts I own to date. And I got a lot of outtakes with this look. Maybe due to the fact that this was super fun…got a coach teaching me how to pose and I’m not telling who! 😈

Which pictures do you favor? Was hesitant for a bit on which ones to upload in Chictopia and Lookbook. It sure took time post processing all of them. Whew!

Have you read the news? Geez! It enrages me.. 👿 But I’ll spare you the details. You don’t have to go know all about it. Current events can sometimes be so frustrating.