Look 94: Animal Print Meets Floral

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Look 93

Animal Print Meets Floral

Animal print tank top, Forever 21. Orange-y skorts, The Style Machine. JC Swansong inspired floral wedges, Love Jen.

I never thought it would be possible: animal print + floral print but I guess I made it work. What do you think? Wore this out on a “Transformers 3” movie date with my friend Gleiane Krystille. Teehee!

Went to Pinkaholic today to do some late shopping on their Bright Lights Collection. Bought some colorful tops and might wear them out on my future looks…..can’t wait! 😈

Thanks to those who fan me out on Lookbook! I guess my Look 93 title worked! Haha!

Wicked Ying’s out!