Look 95: Bugs On my Top

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Look 95

Bugs On My Top

Bugs print sheer button down top, Pinkaholic.  Denim shorts, bought from a friend. Apricot strappy wedges, Love Jen. Cream motorcycle bag, thrifted. Braided brown belt, Chikasfashionista.

Too many online shops mentioned in an outfit. Sorry about that. You might want to check them out though just for the heck of it! :mrgreen:

This bag is my current favorite. And I bet you know why, it’s because of the long tasseled zippers. Haha! 😈 It demands attention yet in a subtle way. They are perfect when paired with the new wedges I got. I forgot to write about them so consider this as my sneak peek. :mrgreen:

The unsharp, not much of a drama, no Lightroom/Photoshop effects photo! :twisted: 

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Toodles wicked people!