Look 97: Animal Print Meets Bow

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Look 97

Animal Print Meets Bow

Dress with animal print bow details, Pinkaholic. Apricot strappy wedges, Love Jen.

I love this dress. The print, the fabric, the frilly little details. But somehow the length bothers me and the cinched waist as well. Is it doing me any favors? THAT I do not know. I’ll leave it up to you to decide. Moreover, it’s friggin’ hard to find a pair of kicks to match it with. What do you think? 😐

I made this draft on 2AM. My work is done and it’s my very own me-time again. Had a sip of coffee but the effects aren’t on my bloodstream now as I feel a bit of sleepiness inviting me to hit the sheets. Too sluggish to think about what to write. I’ll be expecting another zit breakout tomorrow due to staying up all night. So I’m screwed….yet again!  😡

Out and about. Random thoughts on the loose.

I need me some interesting words, thoughts, ideas (tons of them), more interesting topics, and more vocab power!!! Anybody knows a good read? Share me some puhleezze! My brain’s drained of its juice! 😈

 Time check 12PM on a sunny but almost gloomy Monday.

Wicked Ying’s gone for the day!

Have a great day ahead wicked people..