Look Mum, No Heels!

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Look Mum, No Heels!

Metallic green cropped top, necklace, and blue velvet blazer, PINKaholic. Shorts, Forever 21. Shoes, Vishoes. Eyeglasses, Bershka.

I found a certain stray folder titled “RESERBA” in my files that had these pictures in it, unedited.  I remember these were my stock photos way back my 365 days challenge. Didn’t know I’ve saved a few and have forgotten about them overtime. 

It was a delight though. At least I get to post this cool blue velvet blazer that I’ve always wanted to wear ever since I bought it. Camille Co has one of this too, as seen in her look here. She looks so cute, no?! 😉

Trying to be fun by wearing colors. Take note of the word “trying”… 🙄

 My photos are getting bigger and bigger in each post I publish. Lol! 😆

Wearing one of my fave shoes. Heel less shoes has been quite the craze these days right? I think (?) I’m satisfied with owning just one. Moreover, I’m currently itching to buy new shoes… Not again! Been controlling my impulsive purchases for a while because I’m saving up for the Bloggers United trip happening next month. 

Woopsie! Din’t realize it is Thursdate today.. Will be leaving in a while to accompany the boyfriend and yes, my girlfriend duty calls me. Supportive much?! Haha! :mrgreen:

That’s eeeeeeet guys!

Stay wicked!