Look 2: Steal Let Toes!

In 365 Look Challenge, Fashion by Wicked Ying


This super high, faux croc, peep toe stilleto could kill…….ME! 5-inch heels + 1 inch base platform. Geeeez I’m describing too much, I’m starting to sound like a true blue shoe expert. It’s still Look 2 and I think I’m running out of resources (ideas or clothes to be exact!) Didn’t know putting together one collage-ish picture can be such a pain in the A, and not to mention time consuming especially with those Lightroom and Photoshop stuff. And Oh, the watermark too… Ain’t it cool?  😈

Was thinking of uploading some of the outtakes here. Have to resize some of them just so they can be uploaded. Maybe I’ll add some time again soon with the other looks. Look 2, check!