Looking Good: Instant Ways for Men to Improve Their Style

In Fashion, PR by Wicked Ying

(photo from The Real Styles)

From your outfits to your accessories, everything you choose to wear plays a role in determining the overall look you create. If you want to be thought of as a stylish man, you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s surprisingly easy to take your image to the next level. Here are some of the best ways to instantly enhance your style. Here are some tips from Alex Outlaw:

1) Match your belt with your shoes

No matter what type of menswear you favour, make sure that your belt is the same colour as your shoes. This may seem like a small adjustment, but it makes you look well put together. In addition, think about belt materials before you make a purchase. Leather sounds like a boring choice at first, but a good quality, versatile leather belt never goes out of style.

2) Use colour effectively

Colour should be used sparingly, but to great effect. For example, you might add a pale pink shirt to your otherwise black ensemble, or pair a brighter tie with a muted dark blue suit.

3) Buy a leather jacket

Leather jackets are timeless, and they actually look better as they get older. You can look both rugged and sharp in a well-fitting black leather jacket, and it will good with almost any of your outfits. Although a good one won’t be cheap, many brands are producing more affordable versions.

4) Polish your shoes

While old, dirty shoes create the impression that you don’t care about personal grooming, shiny shoes instantly make you look sharper and classier. As a bonus, regularly shined shoes last longer without needing to be replaced.

5) Keep your collar in place

An unruly collar immediately makes you look untidy or flustered, so take steps to keep that collar locked down! Collar stays are typically inexpensive, but they give you the reassurance that your shirt will look tidy all day.

6) Invest in quality

It’s tempting to save money by picking up bargain fashion, but these items do not last well in the long run (leading to further spending). In addition, good quality clothing always looks more stylish, so it’s well worth investing in slightly more expensive shirts, suits and pants.

7) Be more creative when choosing socks

Style experts advise that socks should always match some aspect of your outfit, but that socks should never match your shoes. For example, you might try to find socks with a pattern that matches your tie, or choose grey socks to match a grey blazer.

8) Look for a stylish watch

While you most likely rely on your phone when you need to know the time, there’s no denying that a watch can be an excellent accessory. Classic watches with leather bands are a particularly good choice.


9) Find a good tailor

Finally, a good tailor will be invaluable when it comes to fixing problems with your favourite wardrobe staples and can rescue you when an ill-fitting outfit needs a tweak to make it look perfect.