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Look of the Day — Hello hello! Time for another outfit post. This time is a bit more fun than the usual because I’ve teamed up with fellow bloggers on our mini challenge. Can you guess what it is? Why spine heels of course! 😀


Maroon top, Topshop. Denim shorts, thrifted. Denim buttondown, bought from bazaar. Bag, Celine Ph. Accessories, Vaintage. Sunnies, Cotton On. 


It’s a tough challenge because you don’t know what the others would come up with. Therefore, you are tasked to formulate an outfit that defines YOU. As for my look, there’s no better way to pair up an ankle leather boots than denim. I remember my past looks donning a leather/denim combination. Not sure if you can still recall but yeah, that’s me and that’s my thing. Teehee!


My style has always been casual, comfy, and laidback. My outfit summed it all up! What do you think?


 As I have said a while ago, this post is inspired by our spine heels challenge. Meet my blogger friends Jeroy and Steph:


Jeroy of House of Jeroy has always been consistent with his style. He can go from printastic to neons to something edgy. Versatile is the word! We only saw him once during Philippine Fashion Week and I hope we could meet him again. Dang, I kinda envy the long skinny legs.


Stephanie of FashionBandwagon — I’m sure you guys know her (a.k.a my partner in crime). I never fail to mention her on my blog wherever we go, be it out of town trips or late night pig out sessions. Love her whole look. Very bone-y lang! If you could only see her closet and shoe collection, I’m convinced you wouldn’t want to go out. I could live in her room forever and drown myself with shoes and clothes and accessories. Lol!


Here we are in one photo!

Our varying style — the different ways on we worked on one key item is pretty much evident, don’t you think? We’re up for more challenges. Yeah yeah.. Maybe we should do this more often. Wait and see! 😉


This bag was on sale when I bought it! I couldn’t stop thinking about the interesting colors and the design when I first saw it displayed at Celine Ayala Cebu. It looks like the ever famous 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli bag, yes?! Guess the side zippers did its trick. Heee! :mrgreen:


Stay wicked!