Lucky Ones

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Lucky Ones

Pink cape dress, Choies. Animal print clutch and bangle, Forever 21. Pink wedges, Tre Kouture.


Look of the Day — I’ve done a black on black look the last time, maybe pink on pink won’t be so bad too.

My recent haul prolly urged me to do looks and more looks. This dress is pretty cute. The cape design, the color, the stretchy fabric made every credit points worthy of it. Thanks Choies! Teehee! :mrgreen:

I’ve been drawn to choosing high lows, assymetrical, and cape designs lately. Not so surprising I guess… 🙄

Whenever we go for shoots, I’m always thankful Steph brings a loot of various accessories with her. I’m not into “excessorizing” if that’s how you call it, but adding a few blings here and there makes it so put together. I need some serious “tutoring” in that area. 

Thank you Kerr for the shoes!



Lucky Ones — it’s a song title from Lana (again!). It seems fitting with the trilogy I’m currently reading. To be honest, I’m confused whether reading the book was a good idea or not. Maybe I should’ve stuck with my preferred genre of legal and mystery thrillers, but love stories? Why??? I am a tad bit thankful I did. My brain has been grateful so far that it was put to work…finally! It’s been stagnant for the longest time. As to whether it makes me mentally fit or not is still a question. Haha! But I like reading, I’ve been a “novel” kind of girl since my grade school years.

Now back to the story about the 50 shades, is it really possible to have such fairytale-esque romance within a span of one month? I doubt! Maybe that’s why the story have that much of an impact. It feeds every woman’s subconscious thoughts. The Grey guy remains a myth and a non-existent creature. Can Ana get that damn lucky? I should do a book review once I’m finished with Freed. It all boils down to one point — there’s a history behind every personality. Hmmm, it makes me envious of their relationship. From one indifferent boy to a hearts and flowers kinda guy. Why can’t all the guys on the planet be romantic like that? I bet it’s not that difficult. They should know that we’re just mirroring their actions or something. Boys are aliens, agree?! Hahaha! Forgive me if I got so serious with my book-reading tryst. I’m even surprised at my pace…2 books in 3 days! :mrgreen:


Stay wicked!