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Make Up Stories


I’m not much of a make up girl so when I buy cosmetics, do expect me to blab about it here in my blog. Haha! The photo above shows some of my latest purchases.

(Clockwise: Herb Day Cleansing Wipes from The Face Shop, Maybelline’s Clear Smooth Extra Powder Foundation, MAC’s Brow Set in Girl Boy, and Love and Beauty Eyeshadow Palette from Forever 21)


I was supposed to buy Herb Day make up remover wipes from The Face Shop, but I guess I grabbed the wrong pack and picked up cleansing wipes instead. Boohoo… They still do the job anyway so no biggie!

I’m a cheapo when it comes to make up stuff. I’ve been using this powder foundation in 03 Natural shade since my college days. I assure you it stays on for hours (literally) especially when you use BB cream as a prep. But you may or may not follow my tips, I’m no make up guru anyway! Haha! 😆

Lo and behold, I bought an eyeshadow palette! It’s no miracle really. I just happen to pick this up while I was at the counter waiting for the saleslady to punch the clothes I bought. Beep after beep, I pick all those tiny girly stuff like lip gloss, nail polish, mirrors, and manicure sets. I happen to notice this patootie enclosed in a rather shabby packaging of carton. Lol! I like the shades so I add it up on my bag the last minute. It’s a total steal at under PHP300! It’s the last one on the rack too. Lucky me! :mrgreen: Plus, what lured me into buying it is the fact that it’s the closest I could get to
Urban Decay’s Naked Palette. Teehee! 😉

Lastly and probably the one and only pricey thing I bought is MAC’s Brow Set. It’s my second Girl Boy bottle. My first bot is already running low due to its daily usage. I can’t seem to get out of the house without putting this thingy on my brows. It matches my haircolor quite perfectly so it’s a must have indeed. Fortunate to have found this available at Rustan’s Cebu. This baby is always and I mean ALWAYS out of stock. Quick tip, they have this in other shades too so if you have a darker hair color you’ll find something to match your brows with. Simply ask the MAC ladies (and gents?) assistance to aid you in choosing the right shade. 😉


What’s your fave must have item?


Stay wicked!