Maybe It’s Your Color

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Look of the Day — Did someone just say favorite color? Oh purple! I got giddy when I saw this on FEMMEX site. I’ve had enough of black dresses at the moment that I’m willing to give other colors a try. I needed a color splash in my closet. Woohoo!


Purple dress, gold necklace, and neon clutch, FEMMEX. White blazer, WAGW. Black heels, OASAP.


“To say we overcame means everything to you,

I swear I tried to find the light in this 

And I held on tight..

Maybe it’s your color, maybe it’s your style

Maybe it’s your color, maybe it’s your style

That pulled me from behind…”



There are songs that you can always label as your favorite. When you hear it again, surprisingly you still remember the lyrics. I was so bummed  when the title turned out to be a detergent’s theme for the commercial. Not kidding! Do you remember “Ariel color and style”? Just when you appreciate an OPM song and this happens.. Ugh! 


So happy my sundance worked and I was able to shoot a few outfits before it all turned gloomy again. I quite (forgive the lack of terms) abhor talking about the weather but there seemed to be nothing much to talk about. So aside from me eating a tub of Double Dutch ice cream as I’m writing this, what’s there to blab about? Food probably. It happens when you’re hungry and blogging at the same time. It is conveniently placed on my office table, how can you resist?


This dress got sold out immediately but there are still tons of options at the site. What I love about it is that it is made of comfy stretchy material. The colors were so vibrant I toned it down with a blazer. I would want to wear it on washdays in my imaginary work/office. Lol!


And oh, now that we’re talking about favorites. I’m proud to announce that this has become my new favorite shoes. Yes, I willingly paid extra $30 so that I’ll be able to grab this pair. Effin’ comfortable I’d die! Buy them HERE. 


Hope you like my LOTD! I’ll be announcing the winner of my recent giveaway on Facebook in a while. Keep posted! Ayt?!



Stay wicked!