Meet Up Mondays

In Lifestyle by Wicked Ying

This was last Monday’s meet up. Sorry for the back log. :mrgreen:

Mondays has always been my rest day, thrifting day, salon day, go-to-boutiques day, and fill-in-the-blank day! After some major slack in my “social life”, I finally get to have some association and interaction with human beings particularly fashion enthusiasts. When you meet up with fellow bloggers, a simple meet up is never simple! Teehee!

 Started out with some good food. We’re all a big fan of pasta! Yeah!

 It’s her……Sssteph! Hahaha!

The Make Up Guru, J-Mea.

And moi…. 😈
 My sister from our fashion mother! :mrgreen:

And it all ends in an outfit pose. Haha! Planning to do some fun shoot with these girls soon. Hope the weather would turn out okay.

Til’ next post!