MEGA Most Stylish Party

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MEGA Most Stylish Party

We have seen Philippine fashion evolve through surprising twists in the recent years. Surprising being that designers, regardless of age or association, has been learning to step up their game and create designs that  are not only meant to impress at first glance, but that imprint themselves in  the minds of the fashion conscious.

MEGA magazine has been at the forefront of recognizing potential and has continually given talented and skilled individuals a chance to be part of the creative collective. More than that, they have also maintained their status as a premier magazine that offers readers the best to be had from the Philippine fashion scene.

*from @sinosicat*

*photo from TheStyleFlux*

I have been privileged to join the roster of bloggers who witnessed firsthand the awarding for the 20 MEGA Most Stylish Women. The treat came in the form of the joint effort of family, friends and even mere acquaintances who took their time to vote for me to become a style correspondent for the prestigious event. The efforts paid off, just as I was nearing the end of my 365 fashion challenge and in need of a fresh start. What better way to do a self and blog overhaul than to set sight on new visual feasts and inspirations, right?! 😉

We arrived a bit early so I had the chance to take photos of the place before the place was filled with people. Take a peek inside! 😉

 Maxene Magalona and Daniel Matsunaga

Bianca Valerio and Camille Co

The event was packed (people are everywhere) with a multitude of fashion statements that showed themselves in colors, layers, textures, the works! Global Chic was the peg that night. It was a delight to see the faces of people I only knew then by magazine photos, TV, usernames, and blog urls.


What I wore to the event?! A wine-colored velvet dress that I snagged from Topshop, a white blazer for a polished look and a pair of high-stacked black kicks that’s comfy enough I managed to survive hours standing up! 🙂

Past the socializing and the dress up, the most important thing to realize is that fashion is a force on its own. It knows no boundaries and it unites people of different generations yet seemingly, we understand each other in a distinct perspective. 


Congratulations MEGA Magazine for a successful party and thank you for the opportunity to witness such prestigious event! 


Stay wicked!