Michael by Michael Kors – It’s in the Details

In PR by Wicked Ying


Coveted collections are those that you keep an eye on even before they are released. Michael Kors has left this kind of imprint on his loyal following and holds the same charm over first time appreciators. His impeccable taste for the polished, utilitarian look has clearly manifested in his Michael by Michael Kors line which was launched in 2004.

To date, the brand has earned its fair share of attention in the fashion and clothing industry, thanks to the existing recognition that is directed towards Michael Kors and its entirety.

Michael by Michael Kors offers a more relaxed, toned down feel for its collections. It has that downtown vibe that you can imagine wearing for casual walks and no-fuss rendezvous. What’s not to miss, however, is its undeniable sophistication. Even with a prevalent minimalism for its designs, the details on the clothes remain to be captivating and telling of the entire Michael Kors design principle.

Sleek, polished and luxurious.