Might Like White

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Look of the Day — Throwing on a little white, pastel, and a dash of sequins for today’s look. I may have been wearing too much black so I figured I needed a break from the dark looks.


Pastel sheer top, WAGW. Sequined shorts, KHT Chu’s. White vest, CiChic. Tan heels, People are People.



I love pairing white with anything gold be it accessories or another clothing. It just adds a little crisp and clean feel to it. You know how I’ve always felt about wearing white, I can only think of lab gowns and uniforms. I wanted to change my perception with it so I got me some new whites. Thus, the title “Might Like White”. Haha! 😆


Layer, layer, layer.


This white vest from CiChic is too cute to pass off. It has been in my wishlist long enough! It has that extra long lapels and sheer panels on the back and sides. Interesting!



Yet again, I like pairing white with neutral heels. Black might be too overpowering when you have an outfit that’s a tad bit soft or dainty-ish.


Close up of the shoes. Got these on sale!



Stay wicked!