Mirenesse Make Up Shopping at Luxola

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Tadaaah! Another long overdue makeup review featuring these makeup I got from Luxola Philippines. Instead of the usual Monochrome Mondays post, I’ll be turning this article into a Mirenesse Make Up Monday (just for today anyway).


Mirenesse iCurl Twin Heated Eyelash Curler – This thing uses 2 AAA batteries. Take note though, the batteries die out pretty quick.


I’m an avid mascara fan but I don’t really use curlers in my makeup routine. However, this tool with the heat feature holds the curl longer than the ordinary eyelash curlers. It works similarly as the flat hair iron. Lol!  :lol: 


Mirenesse Lip Bomb (forgot to take a picture) and Mirenesse Fast Fix Instant Lash Duet Volumising Mascara

Use this fiber and gel duo volumising mascara if you want to look like you’re wearing falsies or fake lashes. It’s not waterproof. If you aren’t in for a teary drama-filled night out, the application will surely survive without smudging. The mascara’s super easy removal is a big plus for me. You can use wet tissues or cotton pads dabbed with micellar water and it’s gone after a few wipes.

On the other hand, you may find the lip bomb a bit too sticky especially for those who aren’t frequent users of liquid lipsticks or lip glosses (like me). It has a mild minty after feel like most lip plumping products.

I’m really feeling the Rainy Days and (day-off) Mondays kinda vibe so excuse me while I cut this post short. Until next product review!  ;-) 

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