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Look of the Day — I have been wearing black tops nonstop for the last few weeks. All under sheer coincidence. It has become borderline obnoxious. However, I like it anyway and I still have this penchant for covering up and try on different kinds of layering. The choice of vest with my previous look, now with my tights. 


Black oversized shirt, OASAP. Shorts, Forever 21. Dotted tights, OASAP. Spiked Lita, Jeffrey Campbell. Flower crown, Little J Accessories.




Having my hair dyed this dark (red) makes me want to wear darker hues of clothes. But maybe a punch of pastel, neon, or prints is okay. How one dresses certainly depends on their mood, right? 😕


How cute are these tights? OASAP‘s got a lot of them in different designs! I buy one everytime my credits are renewed. Heeee!


Don’t forget to add the right accessories to the look. These flower crowns made it a bit feminine.



A whole outfit can change a lot simply by the addition of hosiery. It would be a completely different look if I hadn’t add up the dotty tights. It makes me wish I can wear one here in our city. I’m def giving it a try on one of our nights out. Teehee! 😈


Hello shoes…


Anyhoo, I’m sorry if I go AWOL often. The intermittent (scheduled) blackouts and erratic weather are not on my side. It hinders me from being productive and I can’t think of anything else to do but play Candy Crush or bond with our dogs or trying on shoes and walk around the house like a fool. Haha! Hope your days aren’t as “unproductive” as mine. 😆


Stay wicked!