Monochrome Mondays: Just Do It

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While the interwebs was divided about Nike getting Kaepernick as their new endorser, here I am starting to enjoy what I used to do on a daily basis before. Nike’s tagline Just Do It, as concise as it is, has more meaning to it than meets the eye.

You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King

This is my first step. I feel like I’m always talking to myself gathering my thoughts on what to write but when it came down to it I simply stare at the screen with a blank draft. It is kind of sad how I’ve unlearned my routine. Heck, I even forgot how to use the tools in my Lightroom and transport file in Photoshop to resize featured image used here. But yeah, that’s me in my faux flower and L’oreal Lash Paradise Mascara. No trying to smoothen my skin, erasing acne marks, and whatnot. I am so over nitpicking and people pleasing now, I’m on a WYSIWYG roll!

It is time for a reboot. A personal reboot, so to speak.

Unlearn, relearn. Reskill, upskill.  Those terms are important takeaways from my recent Iloilo WordCamp trip. You see, it’s not just applicable in work but also life in general. Too many things happened over the past few years that I’ve neglected my blog. Well, neglected is too light a term for this, maybe ignored or forgotten is more apt. Life happened. Adulting happened. I feel embarassed to admit that all these things I used to love before (shoes, bags, clothes, and yes blogging) don’t make me happy anymore. Okay maybe a little bit. However, I am still a creature of habit and old habits die hard. There’s a void in me that can only be filled by putting my thoughts into words. Whether I publicly post it or not, I feel a need to do it. It keeps me sane and it helps me keep my thoughts in check.

That being said, self-awareness isn’t something you acquire in a snap. It’s a conscious effort and that is what I’m trying to develop. A healthy sense of self-awareness is vital for me not to fall into that pit of melancholia again. Although I still find myself letting out a silent cry in the middle of the night when no one’s watching, I know I’ll be okay in the morning. Just blame it on the hormones or mercury retrograde, whatever. Lol! Kidding aside, what I’m trying to say is I want to be a better me. I feel fortunate to say that the people I’m surrounded with are my tried and true. A natural gloomy pessimist, it takes mad skills to learn how to be grateful. You don’t have to be in a state of #blessed everyday but recognizing where you are right now and taking the time to appreciate the things you have is key. I thought it was too late for me but I guess it wasn’t. It’s not too late for you too. As overwhelming as it may seem, all you need to do is to get started. Just do it.

Stay wicked!

Do check my bestie’s Facebook page Photo Diaries by Banawe. She took my portraits used here.

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