Monochrome Mondays: Psychomotor Retardation

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Have you ever reached a point in your life when you have to do something that’s out of the mundane for sanity’s sake? You tend to question everything but then you choose to snap out of it. It is true. The mind does have the power to change your perspective.

Reading my bookmarked articles (mostly from EliteDaily, ThoughtCatalog, PsychologyToday) over and over again doesn’t do much. It speaks to you in ways where you find yourself holding back the tears. I’ve scoured Goodreads and Amazon and this certain author keeps popping up. Then I remember, “Wait a minute… I think I saw this name before”. I grabbed the book out of the bathroom shelf. Maybe it isn’t too late to resort to self-help books nowadays. I’m giving Mira Kirshenbaum‘s Our Love Is Too Good To Feel So Bad a try. On second thought, I might not. There’s no reason doing so.

Anyhoo, there’s going to be a slew of product review posts coming up so stay tuned! ;-) 

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