My First Tattoo

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My First Tattoo


So you prolly know I was in Cebu for one whole week right? Part of my itinerary is getting a tattoo. The idea I had in mind was theater masks (comedy/tragedy faces) because it sort of correlates with my lunatic or bipolar personality. Thanks to the boyfriend who planned everything out for me from the design down to the last detail. Teehee! Parents agreed too. Yes, I know I know I am of legal age already but until now I still feel compelled to ask permission about some personal decisions. 🙄 They’re cool with it so it’s a go! Woot woot!!


We left for Cebu on Thursday and my sesh at Crol’s was scheduled Sunday. Arriving at 032, all I felt was apprehension, anxiety, and a bit of fear as to how painful getting a tat could get. I surpassed days thinking about the damned thing. At the back of my head, I’m certain that once the machine’s on and has penetrated my skin, it will be too late to back out. Haha! I had flashbacks about my college nursing demo on intradermal injection. I friggin’ cried my lungs out. I couldn’t afford such embarassment the second time around. No, never! Lol!

But I guess, tattooing was different. I dunno. Maybe because of the size of the needles used, how willing you are to try it, or how shallow it goes into the skin. Whatever! The most frightening sight would have to be seeing the set up as if you’re undergoing some sort of surgery with all the needles, gloves and the smell of dettol. Haha! 😀


And to top that, the anxiety escalates even more having the design stenciled on your skin. Whoa, talk about scary! So yeah, good thing the artist totally understood that it was my first; he gave me time to psych myself up mentally and psychologically before the buzzin’ machine starts the physical torture. Heeee! 


Saw the video?

TBH, I was quite proud of myself. My long-time friends even congratulated me. 😆 It has always been a far-fetched high school dream that was finally realized. Haha! I’m not the brave type nor do I have a high tolerance for pain but hell yeah, I endured 3 gruelling (but not really) hours of it with the help of BBM-ing, eating chips and chocolates, drinking soda too. OA much? Diverting your attention is the secret! Sssshhh…


At the moment, I’m catering to the needs of my healing wound. It gets flaky, itchy, I couldn’t help scratching the sides and picking the dead skin off. Grrrr…

As early as now, I’m already thinking of getting another one. Sheeeesh… Same artist of course! 😉


And oh, remember our (photobomber) doggie Amber? Boyf got a tattoo of her very face! Check this out:


Hi Ambeeeer… You’re so kyooooot! 

Props to Carlo Gabiana of Crol’s Tattoo Studio. This guy’s got the skills and now I’m officially inked. Chozzz! 



Stay wicked!