My Make Up Essentials

In Beauty, Health, Lifestyle, Make up by Wicked Ying


Skipped my typical make up routine today and opted for a simpler, quick and easy look. Usually takes me 15 minutes or so to get the whole face done. So I’ve come up with my new routine for a faster and not so “done” look for that natural feel.

Starting off with a blank canvass, use a concealer. It’s pretty self-explanatory; used to conceal blemishes and redness. Any concealer will do as long as it is at least one shade lighter than your skin tone.

Second, tame your brows. I’m using brown, medium brown (or maybe light brown). Lightly patting it on the brows and using the brow brush to follow the natural arched shape.

Third, put on the “fonda” or the foundation. Reminder: give a little extra on that t-zone.

Fourth, a little mascara goes a long way. It gives your eyes a pop and brightens up your peepers. @_@

Lastly, never go out without a lippy. A light pink shade and you’re good to go!

wicked weekend everyone! >.<