My WordCamp Iloilo 2018 Experience

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I was going through my normal work routine when something from the WordPress Events and News dashboard caught my eye. It’s about a WordCamp event in Iloilo. To give you an idea of what WordCamp events are, it’s like TEDxTalks but for web developers. Here’s a comprehensive definition from the event’s page:

What are WordCamps?

WordPress, the world’s biggest Content Management System (CMS) platform used by 75 million websites and pages, have strengthened WordPress communities all over the world through WordCamps, which are locally-organized conferences dedicated to everything about WordPress. And for the first time since the camp’s initial event in 2006, Iloilo will be hosting its own conference on August 25, 2018 at the Iloilo Convention Center.

WordCamps are grassroots-led, low-cost weekend events organized by volunteer teams. They aim to  bring together WordPress users and enthusiasts of varying skill levels in a welcoming, engaging and safe space for them to get to know each other and network. This is supported by a strict Code of Conduct that is enforced in any WordCamp event.

A usual WordCamp may feature topics on content creation and marketing, plugin and theme development, or just the latest tips or advanced techniques on using and developing on WordPress. Generally, however, topics are determined based on the needs and interests of the local community.”

Off topic but here’s a quick OOTD shot because I miss my blogger days! Event attire said to be in your comfiest outfit so I came as casual as I can be.

I have always wanted to visit Iloilo City and what better way to get there than attending something work-related, right? Vacay + work in one! I check the link every now and then to read updates but it wasn’t made final until I told CHRCLMNKY about it. I was initially planning to go alone but somehow convinced him to join me. Good thing he did because it was more like his thing.

I didn’t know what to expect for the said event but I was excited. The keynote speaker Atty. Jocelle Batapa-Sigue did a great job opening our eyes to the reality in the IT and freelance industry. Sad I didn’t take photos or notes as I was immersed in her talk. Interesting talk about building your online name and SEO stuff from Google Singapore speaker Mr. Aldrich Christopher too.

I joined the web design class in the afternoon while Ike went to the web development. First topic was presented by Ms. JC Palmes, one of the organizers of the event. I learned about the soon to be rolled out WYSIWYG WordPress editor which is the Gutenberg and I still don’t know how I feel about it. It looks very noob-y so to speak, a bit like Tumblr and Medium interface combined. I guess I’m so used to this old one that I’m a bit hesitant about this change. Anyway, next topic was about WooCommerce by Mr. Lax Mariappan. Now that was the class I’ve enjoyed the most. It’s a mix of marketing and SEO tips. It was inspiring how he said that you are more than just a captcha writer and that SEO is not a plugin but a result of a long-term effort.

It was a day full of learning and new insights. Overall, it was motivating to attend an event like this. It made us realize that we don’t know everything yet and there’s still much much more to learn. I’ve attached our very own vlog here so you could see what the event was like. Enjoy!

With the WordCamp attendees. Introverts unite (while still keeping our personal spaces)!


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